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Reflections on the Lee Navigation

I lay the bright blue cloth on the paved ground. Its brightness in the grey space is satisfactorily reminiscent of a swimming pool, Hockney's Californian swimming pool.

I meet boys on scooters, other artists, dancers, boaters, cyclists and a yoga teacher.

I observe the light on the water and on the bridge. I look at the algae, a dead fish and passersby.

I make drawings and paintings that aren't very good but become more interesting to me after I begin dipping them in the Lee Navigation (a canalised river that incorporates the River Lea).

I decide to continue my exploration of different bodies of water - those we immerse ourselves in, those we don't and my own body (of water). I start a website to document this body of work.

#Hockney #LeeNavigation #Drawing #HOUSERULES #waterbody #bodiesofwater

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