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Behind the Sofa and Under the Bed

As a child I was a keen drawer, interested in how I could make representations of the world around me on paper. Last year I found some old school books containing drawings I made between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. I was interested in the detail with which I had represented the carpets, sofas and fabrics in my parent's house, the way I'd dealt with perspective and negotiated the felt tip pens and wax crayons, which I still remember feeling were inadequate drawing materials. I started to wonder what I could learn from re-engaging with those drawings.

On the 29th January from 12-6pm I am taking part in a HOUSERULES event at Rabih Hage's furniture warehouse in Park Royal. I will be showing some of the drawings I have made in response to the drawings I made as a child and will be interested to see how they are read in this unusual but in many ways very apt space.

For further details about the event visit HOUSERULES website or message me through my website.

#RabihHage #HOUSERULES #furniture #drawings

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